City Hotels Alexandria, Alexandria Resorts Egypt 2023
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Radisson Blu, Alexandria

Radisson Blu

Alexandria, Alexandria Resorts, Egypt

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Africana Hotel, Alexandria

Africana Hotel

Alexandria, Alexandria Resorts, Egypt

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Golden Tulip Narmer Pyramids, Alexandria

Golden Tulip Narmer Pyramids

Alexandria, Alexandria Resorts, Egypt

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    Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo. It has a population of about 3.8 million inhabitants. Distance from Cairo: 225 km. Located at the mouth of the Mediterranean to the western arm, part of the Nile Delta.

    Today is a port, a center of education, culture, financial and economic: ind. petrochemical, cement, food, textiles, tourism. The port lost its importance and shipyards here are too small for modern marine industry. The larger commercial vessels prefer to head for Suez or to Damietta, modern city on the Nile.

    Contemporary city stretches along the Mediterranean coast about 30 km in length.

    Recommendations for travel Alexandria

    It can still visit with his great Serapeumul column called Pompey's "and its underground tombs with the floor of the Com-es Sugafa and several modern buildings scattered through the city. The Museum of Alexandria Argeologic can follow from purely Egyptian monuments tanagrelele Hellenistic vessels and all attempts made by artists - with an amazing price syncretism and sometimes a painful slapstick - to combine styles and religious ideas of the East with the West . One can see monuments of the Jewish community, which has always been important, and remains Christian.